Rising Up In The Land of Sunshine

Organizing Beyond Barriers Summer Organizers in Phoenix drew over 125 volunteers to an all-day movement building training on Saturday to kick off our Phoenix Rising 2011 Campaign.

We started bright and early in the morning with an introduction to our campaign goals: to transform the culture of Phoenix, and of Arizona, by working with the Latino community to take action in their neighborhoods, and by fighting for a more just and sustainable jobs policy in the city of Phoenix.

Volunteers spent the rest of the day in workshops sharing stories, practicing one-to-one organizing, engaging in team building, and discussing campaign strategy. After 25 of the heartiest volunteers went out to canvass Latino neighborhoods in Phoenix, the day ended with a celebratory dinner.

We are fired up and diving right into the work. The seven Summer Organizers assigned to Phoenix Rising are now organizing three canvasses for next week and a 30-person support action for food service and custodial workers at Sky Harbor Airport.

Our team is coming together and our campaign is in full swing! Si se puede!