Fighting for Justice at O’Hare and Midway Airports

Concessions workers at O’Hare and Midway still aren’t guaranteed a living wage by Chicago, and their job security is still uncertain, but the word is getting out.

The Summer Organizers, volunteers, Local 1 organizers, hotel and airport workers have been working hard to make sure that these are prevalent issues in the minds of aldermen, community groups and Chicagoans alike. We’ve been canvassing for weeks in targeted wards of Chicago about the Stable Jobs Stable Airports Ordinance,  and this Thursday night and Saturday morning were no exception.

It was quiet Thursday night, foreshadowing the hailstorm that would trap us in a Burger King in Humboldt Park, and would consequently make me question my reasoning in abandoning sunny California for severe weather-prone Chicago!

But we soldiered on. Saturday saw us out again, this time in 95 degree heat. In spite of the humidity, we collected a record number of signatures – 373 in just one ward, which is about one third of our goal. I think the heat actually helped – people were home, staying close to their air conditioning, and they commended our effort and tenacity, kindly offering water and soda.

So although it was a physically tough day, we were very successful and felt great about our progress! – Sophia, Summer Organizer, Chicago