Phoenix: an Effective Message!

This past Sunday, three of us Summer Organizers in Phoenix teamed up to visit three CVS stores around the Valley and share information with the CVS stores about one of their vendors, LSG Sky Chefs. Unexpectedly, with all the similar visits that Summer Organizers are doing across the country, one of the stores seemed to have already received the message!Delegating!

We asked to speak to the supervisor and he quickly refused, telling us to come back when the store manager was there. It must have been apparent that we were there to talk about the LSG Sky Chefs products, and that the store manager had warned the staff about us.

After that, a security guard prohibited us from handing out fliers to spread knowledge of the concerns about Sky Chefs products. It was clear to us from CVS’ response that the store had received the information.

Whether it was through a previous visit, or a message from corporate, the word is getting out successfully! Spreading knowledge has never been so sweet.

-Bella, Summer Organizer, Phoenix