Movement Training in Chicago

Shout out to all the fellow students in Organizing Beyond Barriers from all the activists here in Chicago—what a week we had! We are marching to our own drums and don’t miss a beat.

On Monday, we had a comprehensive campaign training session, where we explored themes of power from allies and opposition and how they related to each other. The training sessions are always engaging, with great discussions and idea sharing.

This week opened new battlegrounds in our continued fight for living wages with the Stable Jobs, Stable Airports Ordinance. We dug deeper into our turf; mapping, canvassing, recruiting volunteers and speaking to community leaders in our wards, to create a coalition of support from folks from all walks of life.

On our strategy for gaining support in the wards, Summer Organizer Matt had this to say; “It reminds me of what Cleve Jones said about the Prop 8 fight in California.  There, the organizers failed to penetrate traditional ethnic and class divisions. When organizing, you avoid the lower class neighborhoods at your own peril. You must get out of your safe zone, which is what we are doing here in Chicago.”

-Lakayana, Summer Organizer, Chicago