Pittsburgh supports!

Staying Busy in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh represents

The last few weeks have been inspiring and very active for us in Pittsburgh!

We have done leafleting at local CVS stores for the Sky Chefs actions, as well as rallying outside of Lufthansa’s headquarters in New York with over 200 members and students! We also attended the sustainable foods module in Connecticut and left with a better understanding of how we can bring the Labor Movement into focus within the Sustainable Foods Movement.

On Saturday we had our last Social Justice Organizer Training, during which Cleve Jones spoke and blew everyone away with his powerful experiences and dedication to moving the fight for civil rights forward.

In the upcoming days we are also going to do leaflet actions for Hyatt Hotels and meet with our local members to update them on the community outreach we have been working on. All in all it has been a great summer with numerous opportunities to learn and grow. UNITE HERE is an amazing organization and it has been a true honor to work alongside its members and organizers. Here in Pittsburgh we intend to keep close contact with our local, and continue to contribute to the ongoing struggles and campaigns.

-Meredith, Summer Organizer, Pittsburgh