Boston UFC Delegation

On July 12th, this past Thursday, a group of summer organizers, volunteers, members of Veterans for Peace, and one veteran member of our union delegated the US Marine Corps to tell them that the UFC is Unfit for the Corps. After preparing for this delegation for several weeks, and roleplaying some possible outcomes, we were ready (yet nervous) to deliver the demands of over 4,000 supporters to the nearby Marine Corps recruitment office.

There was a lot of energy and excitement as everyone introduced themselves and the spokespeople shared their stories. Although several of the recruiting officers put up some arguments, defending their “partnership” with the company known as UFC, after it became clear that we weren’t going to be persuaded to give up, they stopped arguing and agreed to pass the message and petitions up the chain of command. After leaving the office with their promise to pass the message on, our high spirits continued onto the street where we passed out leaflets to people passing by the office.

We’re looking forward to hearing more about how things went down in other cities, as well as how the Marine Corps will respond to our collective actions.


-Neimy and Liam, 2012 Summer Organizers, Boston


Above Group Photo: “OBBers, volunteers, a Local 26 member veteran, and Veterans for Peace allies about to head in for their delegation.”  Back Row:  Charron (OBB volunteer),  Pat McGuire (Veterans for Peace),  Mark Matthews (Local 26 member and veteran), Liam (Summer Organizer), Douglas Stuart (Veterans for Peace), David Aguirre (Veterans for Peace), Thandiwe (Summer Organizer), Sam Geaney-Moore  (site leader), Alicia (Summer Organizer), Thien (Summer Organizer), Jia Hui (Summer Organizer). Front row: Roudna (Summer Organizer), Renee (Summer Organizer), Mary (Summer Organizer), Sergiu (Summer Organizer), Neimy (Summer Organizer).