DoubleTree Strike in San Jose

Hi, my name is Daniel, I’m a bell person at the Doubletree in San Jose. I’ve been working at the DT for a year and a half.  The reason I participated in a four-daystrike is because I’m fighting for a better future. We’ve been in negotiations for about a year and the corporation is not giving us what we deserve. The company makes millions of dollars every year and we are on strike for what we need to support our families and secure our future. I will be an intern this summer with the OBB program 2012 and I want you all to know that you have the right to fight for what you deserve; you can unionize, gather with your friends and co-workers, and fight for what you need.

– Daniel, 2012 Summer Organizer, San Jose

Photo to the Right: Daniel, Summer Organizer in San Jose, leading the strike at the DoubleTree.