Los Angeles UFC Delegation

“The Marine delegations were a powerful experience for me since my dad is a Navy Veteran, and one of the delegations we did was to a Navy Recruiting center next door to a Marine Recruiting center. When learning about the UFC’s president’s and top fighters behavior and the things they have said, I realized why my dad had always said he wanted sons and what he fought to protect me, his baby girl, from. And I wanted to protect his honor from the UFC’s use of the armed forces for their reputation, despite my own feelings towards the military.”

–         Ruth, 2012 Summer Organizer, Los Angeles

Photo to the Left: Summer Organizer Ruth delivering petitions to a Marines Recruiting Officer. (L-R): Erica (OBB), Jessica (OBB), Miguel (OBB), Kayla (OBB), Ruth (OBB), Victor (Volunteer), Jesus (OBB), and Eva (Volunteer).