Montana UFC Delegation

“On July 12th, our local participated in the nationwide delegation to the United States Marine Corps Recruiting offices.  In attendance was our fearless leader, Executive Officer Mark Anderlik, the OBB interns, Rory and Shannon, as well as a local activist and Army veteran (Spec 4, Vietnam 1966-67, 4th Infantry) Mick Harsell. Upon our arrival both recruiters were polite but firm in stating that they had time demands elsewhere.  They allowed us five minutes and we took the time and ran with it. We made the ask, and reinforced our demands.  They declined to take the video material provided or the petitions but we were still able to make an impression on them.  They responded with a referral to their senior M.P.A. in Salt Lake City.  We have the contact information and will be doing some follow up. For Rory and I, our first delegation went as well as we could have expected it to.  We learned quite a bit and were able to sharpen our skills and think on our feet.  We enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of this nationwide campaign and look forward to more exciting actions to come!”

– Shannon (OBB Montana)

Photo: The Missoula USMC Delegation on July 12, 2012 before entering: (L-R) Mick Harsell, Spec 4, USA, 4th Division Vietnam 1966-7, retired APWU Postal Worker; Rory, OBB intern; Shannon, OBB intern.