New England Joint Board Joins the Training in NYC

You know you had a fun and meaningful day when you’ve been up since 4:30 a.m., travelled through three states, drove an hour home at 10:00 p.m. and still had plenty of energy to tell your roommate all about it.  In late June, members and OBBers from the New England Joint Board went to New York City for a training, and were introduced to campaigns with themes that have implications in the bigger picture of the labor movement.  When learning about the LSG Sky Chef’s campaign, there was a clear message that winning doesn’t happen overnight.  What was also clear is that a global perspective is not only vital, but also makes the campaign that much more intricate and exciting.



The campaign involving the Marines and the Ultimate Fighting Championship is a unique and bold undertaking.  Being part of the LGBT community and coming from a family background that includes generations of combat veterans makes me proud to be able to contribute to this campaign.  Often times, issues concerning respect for veterans, the LGBT community and women’s rights are put into categories of social justice, while issues of worker’s rights are put into the category of economic justice.  Here we can see that we can’t afford to separate any kind of injustice.  What we can learn from this is that any movement that limits its vision of equality will short change itself from any progress that it can make.

Finally, being in the presence of the team from the headquarters as well as our union’s President was affirming of one of the basic principles of the labor movement.    Regardless of what role you play, your voice matters and we are all a part of the whole.

Daniel, 2012 Summer Organizer, NEJB

Photo to the Left: Back Row (L-R): Ryan Hand (US Marine Corps Veteran, NEJB Local 406), Mike Bolduc (US Army Veteran, NEJB Local 687T), Jose Pichardo (US Navy Veteran, Local 687T), Lester Tuller (President, Local 687T), Larry Dixon (President, Local 406), Al Scafuri (NEJB Business Agent). Front Row (kneeling L-R): Ethan Snow (NEJB Political and Communications Director), Daniel (NEJB OBB intern), Benjamin (NEJB OBB intern), STANDING – Flora Perez (LOA OBB intern, NEJB Local 75), Emma Ross (NEJB Chief of Staff).

Photo to the Right:  (L-R): Ryan Hand (US Marine Corps Veteran, NEJB Local 406), Mike Bolduc (US Army Veteran, NEJB Local 687T), Jose Pichardo (US Navy Veteran, NEJB Local 687T), Lester Tuller (President, NEJB Local 687T), Larry Dixon (President, NEJB Local 406).

*NEJB Local 687T represents workers at Dyno-Nobel in Simsbury, CT manufacturing explosive detonation devices for the US military and commercial use.*NEJB Local 406 represents workers at General Dynamics ATP in Saco, ME manufacturing weapons systems for the US military including the M2 machine gun.