Signature Drive at the NYC Pride Parade

Last Sunday we did a big signature drive at the NYC Pride Parade to get support for the Unfit for the Corps campaign. I hadn’t been out in the field yet and it was good to talk to people and get their reactions to the campaign. For two hours I walked around telling those who would stop to listen about the campaign and asking for their signatures. Some signed because they liked the stickers I was handing out, but many listened and agreed with the cause. A number of people were shocked that the Marine Corps had given so much money to the UFC, one person asking me “how can they do that?” I met a number of people who had family members in the Marines or who were former Marines themselves and all of them seemed excited to sign the petition. All in all we ended up getting almost 2,000 signatures for the day, which felt like a really good number. We all were feeling pretty accomplished, if also a bit sunburned.
-Will, 2012 OBB Summer Research Intern, New Yotk
Photo to the Left: UNITE HERE Staff and members joined for the big signature drive at the NYC Pride Parade.
Photo to the Right: The UNITE HERE Local 100 table at the NYC Pride Parade.

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