Unfit for the Corps! Campaign Presses Forward in Washington, DC

What a few weeks it has been for our campaign!

With all 30 OBB sites participating, we collected over 6,900 signatures on the petition that calls on the US Marine Corps to end its sponsorship of the UFC, and on July 12, OBBers, members, veterans and community allies delegated recruiting offices in eight cities. Our delegations were timed to impact the current debate around a proposed amendment to a defense-spending bill.  Dubbed the “UFC Amendment” in light of all of our actions nationwide, the amendment came very close to passing (216 Nays to 202 Yeas), a major achievement in the Republic-dominated House of Representatives.  We also got a lot of great press coverage (see links below).

Our largest delegation was in Washington, DC where OBB Summer Organizers and members of the Unite Here Veterans Committee delegated the US Marine Corps Barracks and the large Marine Recruitment Office. OBBers and members came in for the delegation from New Haven, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, DC.  The Veterans Committe(composed of members, OBBers or staff of UNITE HERE who are also veterans) were well-represented in the DC delegation, including:  UNITE HERE Local 23 members, Dale Horn and William Jones,  New England Joint Board members Albert Bolduc, Ryan Hand and Jose Pichardo, UNITE HERE Local 7 member Edna Everett, OBBer (New York) Shantel Evans, and UNITE HERE Food Service Director, Jim DuPont.  We got a great reaction, including a written response from the USMC that was drafted while we protested outside.

OBB Summer Organizers, volunteers and veterans also delegated Marine Recruiting offices in Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, Miami, Boston, Montana, and Phoenix that same day.  See stories from OBBers in Boston, Montana, Los Angeles, Miami, and San Diego!

The fight continues!



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Top Photo: “Outside the US Marine Corps Barracks” – Group Photo
Bottom Photo: “Our delegation addresses Capt. John Norton, USMC Public Affairs Officer” – Ethan Snow (New England Joint Board), Pat Lamborn (Unite Here/OBB), Edna (US Army veteran , UNITE HERE Local 7 member), Daniel(OBB New England Joint Board), Jose Pichardo (US Navy veteran, New England Joint Board Local 687T), Robin (OBB New York), Steven (UNITE HERE Local 7 member), Chloe (OBB Philadelphia).