Oakland Airport Delegation

3 weeks ago, non-union food service workers from the Oakland Airport collectively delegated their bosses and demanded a fair process to decide whether they want union representation. Watching these workers whom I’ve grown to know and admire has been such an experience for me. Workers at concessions such as Subway, Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, See’s Candies, and Jamba Juice etc. have been treated poorly by their bosses.  Examples of conditions that workers face include a lack of overtime pay, no steady work schedule, and pay below the Port of Oakland’s Living Wage standard. Over the past weeks, I’ve seen women emerge as leaders in their workplace. These women have been taking the lead among their coworkers and stand as examples of strength for their families. During committee meetings, I see the same strength in these women as I see in my own mother and it inspires me to continue to fight with them for justice. In the past few weeks, our campaign has held actions at the Oakland Airport and the Port of Oakland with union members from the airport, UNITE HERE! supporters and other local unions like the SEIU. Between UNITE HERE! Organizers, nonunion workers, and the Host union workers at the airport, we all push each other forward and remind each other why we’re fighting. Some days are more difficult than others but every day is a step closer to winning.

– Sofia , 2012 Summer Organizer, Oakland

Top Photo: On July 12th, union and non-union workers from the Oakland airport unite with OBBers to tell the Port of Oakland Commissioners, “We need Justice Now!” Non-union workers went public with their campaign to demand a fair process to determine whether they want to organize a union 2 weeks ago!

Bottom Photo: On July 6th, 150 workers from all over the Oakland airport from UNITE HERE Local 2850 and other unions along with OBBers and volunteers have our first rally to demand justice at the airport!