Occupy Monterey

I’m Erika, a student at California State University Monterey Bay and an Intern at Local 483 in Monterey. There are currently many fights our local area is immersed in, and in the middle  of it there are days when we feel the need to engage in communal settings where we come together for broader discussions of bringing about ‘change’. OCCUPY MONTEREY held a community rally and potluck picnic with the central theme, “Corporations are NOT People Nor Is Their Money Free Speech”. The event was sponsored andattended by several organizations including: Alliance for Democracy/Move to Amend, the Green Party, Veterans for Peace, Occupy Monterey Peninsula. Three interns and 3 staff members from our local attended the event. We explored ideas for getting corporations out of our public sphere. We all deserve the peace and equity that is derived from a democracy “of, by and for the PEOPLE.” – Erika, 2012 Summer Organizer, Monterey