Pride Day in Seattle

Pride this year exceeded the expectations set by previous years. The Local 8 staff came together on a rainy Saturday to put together a fabulous float for the parade on Sunday. The float was filled with balloons, streamers, union members in hotel worker costumes, and of course a bed fulfilling the ‘Sleep with the Right People’ motto. It was encouraging to see how many friends and family members came out to support the LGBT + Labor cause. The crowd participation showed the support that the Seattle community has for their LGBT union members and the reaction reinforces the solidarity between these groups. As OBBers we took initiative to not only help with preparation but fully participate in the dancing and parade activities. We also were excited to see our fellow OBBers from Portland come and join the celebration by dressing up and marching with us. We are looking forward to next year, which will hopefully bring an even more colorful and fabulous float as well as more member and community support.

“The best part was being able to dress up in a housekeeper uniform and having a real housekeeper show us the moves of what it really takes to get the job done.” – Amy, Seattle OBB Intern

“The energy of the crowd was awesome and we definitely fed off that. So much support.” – Chris, Seattle OBB Intern

Above Photo: An UNITEHERE staff member’s baby enjoying the LGBT parade.
Below Photo: Chris, Seattle OBB Intern, showing his support by dancing in the LGBT Parade.

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