Ready for the Fight for Food Justice

Working with the food service workers from DC universities in Local 23 has been a great experience! Being a student at American University, I’ve loved being able to work with the workers from my university and 4 other surrounding schools. It’s been really powerful seeing workers and students come together. One of the schools we’re working with is Gallaudet University which is a school for the deaf and hard of hearing. We’d been having a hard time building a student committee there until last week when one of the workers introduced us to a student who is interested in community gardening. We’re really excited for this student to be inolved because part of the campaign we’re working on this summer is a Real Foods, Real Jobs campaign to push for sustainable foods and jobs in our cafeterias. I can easily see her as a part of the movement we are building.

Last week we had a committee meeting to make our plans for a 100-mile meal. This event will bring together workers, students, and community members over a meal of local sustainable food to discuss our organizing plans for the fall semester. It was really great to see new leadership emerging from both students and workers at the committee meeting. Workers that I had house visited were not only organizing each other but also organizing student volunteers. This really shows how members have begun to see this as a community-wide fight. It’s been a great experience to organizing both the students and workers at these different schools. I feel more involved as an American University community member and also a member of the DC community. Being a part of this movement has helped me grow a lot as a leader and organizer. We’re on our way to build a really strong worker and student committee in Washington DC and I can’t wait to be involved in this fight in the Fall!


– Jas, OBB Organizer, American University

Top Left Photo: A few of the committee with students (L-R)- Dorothy Samules, Committee Howard University; Sam Foster, Committee Howard University; Tarshea, Committee Georgetown University, OBB organizer; Erika, OBB organizer; Muriel Patterson, Committee Georgetown Law; Erin, OBB organizer from Georgetown University; Delores Ratliff, Committee American University; and Dante Crestwell, Committee Georgetown University.

Top Right Photo: Dorothy Samuels, committee from Howard University, shows Erika, OBB organizer from Brown University, her home garden as they discuss access to sustainable food in the DC community.

Bottom Right Photo: DC OBB Summer Organizers are ready for the fight for food Justice(L-R) –  Gabe (Pamona College), Carolina (Notre Dame), Erin (Georgetown), Hanna(Georgetown), Matthew (Columbia), Jas (American University), Mitch(American University), Tarshea (Rank and File, Georgetown).