Northern California to Arizona Freedom Ride

Hello, my name is Justin and I would like to tell you about my second trip to Arizona to help register voters as part of the Adios Arpaio campaign. The decision to drive a van of twelve people fourteen hours each way to register voters was an easy one to make. The struggle for Immigrant workers dignity in Arizona is the most important thing I could do ever with my weekend and I had eleven other people with me who agreed. Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio was one of the key proponents of SB1070 and has led its enforcement in Maricopa County. Because this was my second trip to Arizona, it gave me a little perspective on what to expect on the ground.  The thing I would never have expected was the hard work and amazing results Union Organizers and community volunteers in Phoenix had accomplished in such little time. My first trip in July of this year, I recall the numbers of registrations the Union had helped facilitate as close to ten thousand. Over those two months the volunteers and Union Organizers had garnered a total of twenty five thousand voter registrations. Less than two weeks after our trip, the final numbers of voters registered would be thirty our thousand. I remember two of the most amazing volunteers were two young men who were brothers. These brothers were an inspiring duo. I watched one of them register sixteen voters in a four hour period and the other power map a local library like a pro because he wanted to be able to register voters inside and not at the curb. It was inspiring for all of us to volunteer our time for something we believe in and deepened my commitment to the Union Movement in America.

– Justin, 2012 OBB Summer Organizer