“Eat the Street” Food Truck Rally in Hawaii

Honolulu, HI – The OBB team hit the streets of Kaka’ako during the “Eat the Street” food truck rally with their guerilla theater skit, entitled “Trouble in Paradise”. The skit received rave reviews and encountered run-ins with the event staff and local police. The skit sought to educate and engage the public through the portrayal of the current condo conversion crisis, which threatens local union jobs and drains valuable resources out of our state.

“On July 17, the OBB crew participated in two exciting actions. Starting at the delegate convention of Local 5 membership, we encircled Kaiser’s corporate office to demonstrate our disappointment in their attempts to bully employees and cut their pension plans and the negative impact on patient care in our communities, while they increase their profit. Then the OBBs met our Aikea community members and Local 5 members at the historic Ilikai Hotel. The OBBs were part of staging the largest rally Local 5 has done in years. After leading chants they developed and performing their skit, “trouble in paradise”  the OBBs finally ended the day at a festive dinner with the delegates, shop stewards, and organizers of Local 5.”

– Kimiko, Summer Organizer, Hawaii