Cosmo Rally Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV – “I have to say that this has been such a unique experience for me, as an MGM Resorts International employee. Attending the MGM contract negotiations was a great experience for all of us on our very first day.

I feel we have all gained great knowledge. The research interns, being able to see things from the workers’ perspective, and myself seeing a completely different realm of our Union that frankly, I was not aware existed. That’s something that I will now be able to share with my fellow union members. We have been involved in so much…we went on delegations to companies that patronize the Station Casinos, leafleted the American Eagle store for not signing on to the safety accord, helped the internal organizers turn out people for the rally that took place June 14 outside the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino. The rally would have to be one of my favorite actions. It was just amazing to see thousands of people showing up with their red shirts, all there to support each other. The interns had the opportunity to work with organizers from various properties to turn out people to this major event for our local. We accompanied some organizers to visit Cosmopolitan and Station casino workers’ in their homes. Chris was our camera man for the night, capturing great footage of this event; while Adan and I led chants until our voices went out. The feeling of that evening is just inexplicable, completely inspiring! Can you imagine watching the crowd grow bigger and bigger to the point where our leaders had to find a way to end our action early because we had TOO many people?”

– Laura, Summer Boycott Organizer, Las Vegas