Atlanta_DC Local 23 at Ebenezer Baptist Church

OBB Training at Ebenezer Church

Atlanta, GA – “Our first two weeks here at OBB have been a whirlwind – a hectic, beautiful, inspiring whirlwind. During our first week we rallied with ballpark workers at National Stadium; took a trip to Philadelphia to support the teachers and Student Safety Staff fasting to protest public school layoffs; and began to get […]

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BREAKING NEWS: U.S. Marine Corps did not renew sponsorship of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)

Las Vegas, Nevada – After a nationwide public outcry, the U.S. Marine Corps did not renew its sponsorship of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the Las Vegas-based promoter of cage fighting events. “We applaud the Marine Corps for taking this important step that respects the dignity of our men and women in uniform,” said Beatriz […]

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Ready for the Fight for Food Justice

Working with the food service workers from DC universities in Local 23 has been a great experience! Being a student at American University, I’ve loved being able to work with the workers from my university and 4 other surrounding schools. It’s been really powerful seeing workers and students come together. One of the schools we’re […]

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