Sacramento Rally!

Solidarity at the Sacramento Hilton

Sacramento Rally!On Wednesday evening, June 29th, we participated in an exciting rally at the Sacramento Hilton with about 100 workers, students and community members demanding a fair contract for Hilton workers.
The crowd consisted of around 100 people including Hilton workers, and other hotel, casino and airport workers around Sacramento. There were also many college students from the Sacramento area and UNITE HERE Summer Organizers from throughout the northern California region.

It was a lively rally with chants that included, “What do we want? Contract! When do we want it? Now!”  “Si se puede!” and “Se ve, se siente la union esta presente!”

At around 5:30 pm people gathered into a large crowd with workers from the Sheraton, the Clarion and concessions workers at the Sacramento Airport. Those workers talked about how much better their lives were with a fair contract. When asked what Hilton workers thought of the company’s offer a worker ripped a blown up version of it into shreds. Then a group of us took a box of the shreds to a manager at the Hilton to show what the workers thought of the company’s proposal.  We knew these workers weren’t going to stop fighting until they have a fair contract and are treated with respect and dignity, but the rally made that crystal clear to everyone present.

This action made us realize that if we come together and organize we can accomplish real goals and have real victories. This is another step in the right direction for a fair contract for the Hilton workers and respect and dignity for them and for all workers.