San Diego UFC Delegation

“The delegation was an opportunity that brought to life the UFC petition we had been asking people to sign. The recruiter we spoke with seemed surprised by what we had to say and was receptive of the information.” – Victoria, 2012 Summer Organizer, San Diego “The delegation was a good learning experience. We saw how delegations […]

Voter Registration Campaign in Phoenix

Over fifty leaders from around the West Coast and New Mexico brought their fire to Phoenix this weekend, pushing the intensity of our fight against the climate of fear in Arizona—home of SB 1070—to new heights. Clothed in red shirts and burning with sí–se-puede spirit, we registered hundreds of new voters who will stand together this […]

Los Angeles UFC Delegation

“The Marine delegations were a powerful experience for me since my dad is a Navy Veteran, and one of the delegations we did was to a Navy Recruiting center next door to a Marine Recruiting center. When learning about the UFC’s president’s and top fighters behavior and the things they have said, I realized why […]

Boston UFC Delegation

On July 12th, this past Thursday, a group of summer organizers, volunteers, members of Veterans for Peace, and one veteran member of our union delegated the US Marine Corps to tell them that the UFC is Unfit for the Corps. After preparing for this delegation for several weeks, and roleplaying some possible outcomes, we were […]

Miami UFC Delegation

On July 12th, Miami OBBers delegated three different recruitment centers accompanied by 25 supporters drawn from Local 355 membership, community leaders of womens’, LGBTQ, and immigrant rights groups, and Episcopal priest, Father Aguilar of Unite Here Local 355.  We met with different reactions at each location.  At the first, we were told that we had […]

Montana UFC Delegation

“On July 12th, our local participated in the nationwide delegation to the United States Marine Corps Recruiting offices.  In attendance was our fearless leader, Executive Officer Mark Anderlik, the OBB interns, Rory and Shannon, as well as a local activist and Army veteran (Spec 4, Vietnam 1966-67, 4th Infantry) Mick Harsell. Upon our arrival both recruiters were […]

Unfit for the Corps! Campaign Presses Forward in Washington, DC

What a few weeks it has been for our campaign! With all 30 OBB sites participating, we collected over 6,900 signatures on the petition that calls on the US Marine Corps to end its sponsorship of the UFC, and on July 12, OBBers, members, veterans and community allies delegated recruiting offices in eight cities. Our […]

New England Joint Board Joins the Training in NYC

You know you had a fun and meaningful day when you’ve been up since 4:30 a.m., travelled through three states, drove an hour home at 10:00 p.m. and still had plenty of energy to tell your roommate all about it.  In late June, members and OBBers from the New England Joint Board went to New […]

Signature Drive at the NYC Pride Parade

Last Sunday we did a big signature drive at the NYC Pride Parade to get support for the Unfit for the Corps campaign. I hadn’t been out in the field yet and it was good to talk to people and get their reactions to the campaign. For two hours I walked around telling those who would […]

New Orleans Rallying Outside the Bureau of Immigration & Customs Enforcement Building

Hey there! My name is Ian, and I’m a summer intern with UNITE HERE in New Orleans, Louisiana. On the second day of my internship, our group coordinator, Scott, received an urgent text about a rally downtown that needed our support. We swiftly mobilized in front of The Bureau of Immigration & Customs Enforcement where […]