Dispatch from New York

Our first week in the Organizing Beyond Barriers program gave us an opportunity to inform CVS employees and customers about one of the vendors for some CVS stores in Los Angeles, the airline catering company Sky Chefs. Food prepared in Sky Chefs kitchens is sold in retail outlets as well as in-flight, and nearly 7,000 […]

Shaping a Movement over a Meal

Students and Workers Eat-In for a Just and Sustainable Food Movement by Hnin Hnin and Kyle Schafer It’s called the food movement, but what does that really mean? Last month, students and campus dining workers came together to show us that it’s about building community and making change. When Slow Food on Campus and UNITE […]

Summer Organizers Kick Off Program With Historic Action

Last month, Lakayana and Nathan, two student leaders from Madison, Wisconsin, drove over 2,000 miles to Las Vegas, Nevada, to help out with an action at Stations Casino. When they arrived in Las Vegas they teamed up with Fatima and Jonathan, two Loyola Marymount students from Los Angeles who were fresh off their organizing victory […]